A team that believes in the power of Shunya (Zero) with which it aims to create infinite POSSIBILITIES.  Shunyta is our little creative studio where we do what we love.




Shunyta is a Creative Solutions Agency  based out of Delhi, India. 

Q. What we do ? 

A. We solve problems with creative solutions using the power of art and media.

Q. What's special about us ? 

A. We turn your (business/idea/brand) stories into extraordinary Tales, with substance and a unique message for your Targets. 

Q. Services?

A. Branding,  Advertising, Events & Media Consultancy.


Shunyta arts is the artistic side to our creative coin. 

Q. What do we do ?

A. From sketching on paper to painting the walls we do it all. 

Q. What's so special in that ?

A. We are the designing monks; we don't brain storm we meditate.

Q. Services ?

A. Filmmaking, Animation, Wall Art & Communication Design.